Cinema HD on Firestick/FireTV – Download Cinema HD on Firestick

If you are asking how to download Cinema HD on Firestick, this article is for you.

Cinema HD on Firestick is all you need when it comes to the best entertainment center setup. If you are using Cinema HD on an Android smartphone before, you already know how brilliant the Cinema HD v2 app is. Having Cinema HD on Firestick is a whole new level of entertainment. Here we are going to install Cinema HD v2 on Firestick 4K and Firestick Lite.


Cinema HD comes with a great UI and content library which looks absolutely stunning on the big tv screen. What makes it good for Firestick users is that the Cinema HD is compatible with Firestick/FireTV UI. Also, you don’t need to jailbreak the Firestick or FireTV to install Cinema HD app.


Cinema HD comes with a massive content library in HD, Full HD and 4K quality which are best enjoyed on the big TV screen. If you have a 4K TV, you can even watch movies in 4K using Cinema HD.

You can easily download Cinema HD on Windows 10 PC, Android smartphones/tablets, and macOS but here we are going to talk about installing cinema HD on Firestick.

So if you are looking to install one app for your entertainment to binge-watch movies & tv shows on firestick, Cinema HD is for you. Simply download Cinema HD APK, install it on Firestick and you are all set to stream your favorite movies and tv shows, anytime and anywhere.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install Cinema HD on Firestick in just two minutes.

How to Install Cinema HD on Firestick in 2024

It is super easy to install Cinema HD on Firestick. Simply follow the steps and it will give you a Cinema HD on your firestick.


So here is how to download Cinema HD v2 on Firestick:

1. On the Home screen, at the top-left corner, you will see the ‘Search’ icon. Click on it.

2. Search for an app called ‘Downloader’. It is a free app available on the Amazon App Store.


3. Once you found that, simply install it.


4. Now go to Settings.


5. Go to Device.


6. Find Developer Options and click on ‘Apps from Unknown Sources‘.


7. Turn On the Unknown Sources.


8. Go Back to Home Screen.

9. Open the Downloader app that we just downloaded at the first step.

10. Enter the URL and click on Go.


11 . Cinema HD Apk is now downloading on firestick. Wait for a few seconds.


12. Click on ‘Next’ to start the installation of Cinema HD on the firestick.


13. Wait for a few seconds. The installation process has begun and it will only take a few seconds to install Cinema HD on Firestick.


14. Click on Done. Cinema HD is installed on your Firestick and ready to use.


15. Click on ‘Delete’ as we don’t need apk file. It just eats up the firestick storage which is already limited to a few MBs. On the confirmation screen, tap on ‘Delete’.


16. Go back to Home Screen. Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Installed Apps > Cinema HD v2 > Launch Application.


17. Once installation is done, Cinema HD v2 is now ready to use. Open the app and experience the best entertainment on-demand with Cinema HD.

Cinema HD installed on Firestick

That is how you can install Cinema HD v2 APK on Firestick. Installation merely takes 2 minutes. The above-mentioned is the easiest and quickest way to install Cinema HD APK on Firestick.


Apart from that, there are other methods to install Cinema HD APK on firestick. Like, you can use the Apps2Fire app to install Cinema HD APK from your Android smartphone to Firestick.

The above-explained method should be your first preference for downloading Cinema on Firestick because it is easy and reliable. Anyone can follow the above-mentioned installation guides without any technical skills. Other installation guides require some technical skills which our users don’t prefer.

Open the Cinema HD on Firestick and start enjoying. If due to any reason Firestick is not working on Firestick, here is how to fix it.

If you are using the Cinema HD v2 on Firestick for the first time or even for a long time, there are chances that Cinema HD not working as it is supposed to be. In that case, you need to fix Cinema HD for Firestick

Not to worry, this is not a complex problem, you can easily fix it. Here is how:

1. Go to Settings. Now go to Applications.


3. Click on Manage Installed Application. Look for Cinema HD v2.

5. Open it and clear the Cache.


Once you have done that, open the Cinema HD on Firestick once again and it will be working by now. If not working, try restarting the Firestick.

Other than that, you can also change the default video player. By default, Cinema HD v2 uses an inbuilt Cinema Player but you can use MX Player instead.

MX Player is always recommended while streaming on Cinema HD on Firestick. Here is how to integrate MX Player with Cinema HD. Sometimes, Cinema HD just keeps buffering but there are easy ways to fix Cinema HD buffering.

If still not working, as a last resort, uninstall the app and reinstall it. You can try the Cinema HD alternative if the app is not working out for you. If you have iPhone or iPad and looking to download Cinema HD on iPhone, check out our guide for complete info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download Cinema HD V2 on Firestick: Conclusion

That is all about how to download Cinema HD on firestick. Installing Cinema HD on Firestick is quick & easy. Just follow the installation guide mentioned above and you will not face any sort of issues. One can easily download Cinema HD on FireTV Stick by following the installation guide mentioned above. The whole Cinema HD app experience on Firestick is simply great.

You can add subtitles on Cinema HD in your native language, use an external player which makes the experience even better. Firestick Remote is also compatible with Cinema HD and you can use that remote to access all the Cinema HD options on the big tv screen.

The inbuilt landscape mode of Cinema HD lets you enjoy the app on Firestick with smooth scrolling. If you are a Roku Streaming stick user and looking to download Cinema HD on Roku, check out our guide for getting Cinema HD on Roku. If you own a Google Chromecast and looking to cast Cinema HD on Chromecast, yes you can do that.

Do you have any questions regarding the Cinema HD on Firestick? Let us know in the comment section below.


  1. I currently use an old version of Kodi with addon Xanax/The Fix that shows up as a compatible external player in Cinema. I want to upgrade Kodi with a newer compatible addon but want to ensure it(upgraded Kodi/addon) will show up as an external player in Cinema. How does Cinema recognize external players that it can use?

  2. How do I filter out the non English content. Alot of shows pop up that are from india, or Anime or different languages then my preferred English. How do I get rid of those.

  3. I am using a Firestick 4K max and would like to be able to download movies to my attached USB stick but the download option on shows locations on the Firestick, is this possible and if so how.


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