12 Best Cinema HD Alternatives in 2021 – Apps Like Cinema HD

Looking for the best Cinema HD alternatives? Here we are going to talk about some of the best Cinema HD app alternatives that you can use in place of Cinema HD. There are a lot of other apps that allow on-demand movies & tv shows on Android, firestick, Windows PC and other devices that you can use as a Cinema HD alternative.

Although, Cinema HD app is a great app and there are no reasons to switch from Cinema HD app to other apps of similar nature. If you haven’t tried Cinema HD on Android, download Cinema HD APK and install it on your android device. You will never regret it. But if you are facing issues with the Cinema HD app, there is no harm to switch to other apps like Cinema HD.

You might also be looking for the best Cinema HD app alternative for iPhone and iPad. This list of best apps like Cinema HD will also serve iPhone and iOS users.

12 Best Cinema HD Alternatives in 2021

Below are some of the best apps like Cinema HD for Android, Firestick, Windows PC. You can use any of the below-mentioned apps in place of Cinema HD. Check out the best Cinema HD app alternatives:

1. Cyberflix TV


When it comes to Cinema HD alternatives, the first app that strikes your mind is always Cyberflix TV. Cyberflix TV is a great app with a somewhat similar interface to Cinema HD. It is super easy to use the Cyberflix TV on different devices. You can easily download the app on Firestick, Android smartphones, tablets.

Just like Cinema HD app on Windows 10 PC, you can also install Cyberflix TV on Windows & macOS PC (using Android Emulator), Android TV. For a smooth experience, you can switch to Cyberflix TV. Cyberflix TV is indeed one of the best alternatives to the Cinema HD app.

2. TeaTV


Here is another great app for watching movies and tv shows online on android devices. Just like other apps, TeaTV is also compatible with Firestick, Windows PC, Android smartphones/tablets. If you want a different UI, you can switch to TeaTV. The apps come with a different design and user interface which is easy to use on both Android devices and Firestick. There are no unnecessary animations or graphics, it is clean and minimalist. TeaTV uses TPlayer that you can download from PlayStore for free. All in all, TeaTV is a great app that you can use in place of the Cinema HD app.

3. Stremio


Stremio is an open-source program for watching TV shows, movies, and whatnot. You will see all the content libraries on the same screen. The Stremio works on Addons and there are hundreds of addons that help you in streaming movies and tv shows. You can install Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo, OpenSubtitles, and whatnot. Simply select the movie or TV show you wanted to watch and it will show the platform where content is available. For Netflix, HBO Go, you need a subscription but if you found some free platforms like Youtube, you can stream from there as well. You can download Stremio on Android, macOS, iOS, Windows & Linux for free

4. Netflix


You really don’t need any kind of introduction to Netflix. Netflix is the epitome of entertainment apps and there is no other app like Netflix. If you don’t want any kind of a mess, simply switch to Netflix. You will get the best entertainment experience with Netflix. You can download Netflix on any device you want. There is a massive content library of Netflix including Netflix Original Shows. Netflix is not a free app but it totally worth the buck and one of the best Cinema HD alternatives.

5. Typhoon TV

Here we have another app similar to Cinema HD. Typhoon TV is a good app but due to the poor performance of the app, a lot of users are switching to different apps. Typhoon TV comes with an easy-to-use UI and a good collection of content. You can use Typhoon TV as a backup plan. Installing Typhoon TV is super easy. You can download the app on Android, Windows, Firestick, Android TV box/TV. The app does support subtitles, external video players, and other basic features you get in other apps.

6. Amazon Prime Video

As the name suggests, Prime Video is a streaming app from Amazon. Prime Video comes with an Amazon Prime membership that comes with a couple of other great features. Amazon Prime Video is also the epitome of streaming apps. There is a huge collection of TV shows and movies you can watch anytime and anywhere. The content library includes HDR content which is best enjoyed on HDR-enabled big TV screens. There is no reason why you should not be using Amazon Prime Video. This is yet another Cinema HD app alternative you can use in place of Cinema HD.

7. Kodi

If you are comfortable with tech, Kodi will impress you. Kodi is an open-source media center that allows you to install Addons in it. Once you install the Addons on Kodi, you will be able to stream movies, tv shows, LIVE TV, and whatnot. There are huge libraries of add-ons you can install in Kodi. There are Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Discovery, etc addons. Other than these, there are some of the addons that open the doors of unlimited entertainment for you.


Kodi is available for Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, tvOS, and Raspberry Pi. Kodi is a great alternative to Cinema HD apps only if you are comfortable with controlling the devices. Kodi is not a Plug-N-Play application and you need to set it up.

8. Morph TV

You might not be aware of this app but it is one of the best alternatives to Cinema HD app. Morph TV comes with a great library of content with an easy-to-use UI. You can easily download the app on Android, Firestick, Windows. Morph TV also comes with great features like Cinema HD. For a change, you can definitely use this Cinema HD alternative.

9. BeeTV


If you are an Anime fan, BeeTV is for you. Along with Anime, there are other categories that contain all the great titles of tv shows and movies. The UI of the BeeTV app is simply awesome. With well-maintained categories, all the content is well managed. A fast and responsive interface makes it one of the alternatives of Cinema HD app. 

10. VivaTV

If you are looking for the best Cinema HD alternative, Viva TV can be your choice. VivaTV is a smooth and beautiful-looking android app you can use in place of Cinema HD. The whole look and design of VivaTV is different from other apps that make it better than other apps. You can easily install the Viva TV on Android, Firestick, Windows devices. VivaTV is indeed one of the best alternatives to Cinema HD that you can use.

11. CineHub


CineHub is yet another app like Cinema HD. It is the newly launched app for watching movies and tv shows and already attain a lot of eyeballs. CineHub comes with all the great features like subtitles, a huge library, easy-to-use navigation, compatibility with external players, and whatnot.

The developer of CineHub will definitely going to improve the app in the future. You can easily install CineHub on Android smartphones, tabs, TV boxes, Firestick 4K, Firestick Lite, Windows PC/Laptops, SmartTV. If you are looking for the latest Cinema HD Alternative, CineHub is something worth considering.

12. Syncler


Syncler is a whole new app that allows you to watch movies and tv shows online. The app interface is different from conventional app designs. If you are using Android TV, Syncler is something you should definitely consider. Syncler comes with a great set of features.

If you are looking for Cinema HD Alternatives and wanted to try something new, Syncler is good to go and definitely the best app like Cinema HD.

Best Apps Like Cinema HD: Final Words

So here we are with all the best Cinema HD alternatives that you can use in place of Cinema HD. There are a lot of apps like Cinema HD but we added only those that are actually working these days. If Cinema HD app is not working for you and looking for Cinema HD alternative, the above-mentioned app will serve you best. For those who are looking to download Cinema HD on iPhone, you better look at these apps which are like Cinema HD app and acts as the best alternative of Cinema HD.

For the best entertainment experience, you can use Netflix or Prime Video in place of Cinema HD. But if you are looking for free apps like Cinema HD, you can use Cyberflix TV or TeaTV which is my favorite apps after the Cinema HD app. You can easily install the above-mentioned apps on Android smartphones, tablets, Firestick, Windows PC, and other devices. Cinema HD is also not compatible with Roku and if you are looking to get an app like Cinema HD on Roku, check out all the alternatives one by one. But you can easily use Chromecast for using Cinema HD on the big tv screen.

Do you know any other app similar to Cinema HD? Let us know in the comment section below. For more Cinema HD installation guides and resources, check Cinema HD website.

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