How to Add Subtitles on Cinema HD App

Cinema HD APK is a great app for on-demand entertainment for android users. The good thing about Cinema HD app is its cross-platform compatibility. You can download Cinema HD APK on Android smartphones, tabs, Windows PC, Macbook, Firestick, Android TV box, and whatnot.

Apart from that, there are a lot of other awesome features that makes Cinema HD app one of the most popular android apps. One of them is the inbuilt support of subtitles in the app. You can watch content from different countries and languages. Adding Subtitles to Cinema HD app makes it convenient to watch content of other languages.

You can easily add subtitles on the Cinema HD app. Cinema HD app also allows you to customize the subtitles. You can change the size, color of the subtitles according to your need. Here we are going to talk about everything about subtitles on the Cinema HD app.

How to add Subtitles on Cinema HD app?

If you are watching something that is not in your native language, you might be looking to add subtitles. Subtitles make it easy to understand the context of the play. The good thing is that the Cinema HD app comes with inbuilt support of subtitles that you can add. 

Here is how you can add subtitles on Cinema HD app:

1. Play anything you want to play on the Cinema HD app.

2. If you are using the default video player of the Cinema HD app, you will see an icon. (See Screenshot). Tap on the icon and it will start loading the available subtitles.


3. Once loaded, you can see subtitles to your video. If your subtitles are not in sync or not in your preferred language, you can tap on the icon at the top right corner (see screenshot) to load other subtitles.


4. You will start seeing the subtitles now.

That is how you can add subtitles on Cinema HD using the default video player. The process of adding subtitles on the default video player is very easy and anyone can do that. But the problem is, you cannot add external subtitles.

It automatically fetches the subtitles from the web and shows them to you. You cannot select a particular language. Sometimes, you also get unsynchronised subtitles. The scene and subtitles do not match and that is very annoying at times.

So how to fix that problem? How to add subtitles on a Cinema HD app in your native language?

How to add External Subtitles on Cinema HD app?

To add external subtitles or subtitles of your choice, you need to change the video player. The default video player of Cinema HD app is great and works smoothly but if subtitles is your main concern, you can switch to another video player like MX Player or VLC Media Player.

Here we are going to talk about adding Subtitles on Cinema HD App using MX Player. With MX Player, you can add any subtitles of your own choice that makes the experience even better.

To add subtitles on Cinema HD App using MX Player, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to Google Play Store and download the MX Player app. MX Player is a free video player that is available on Play Store. Simply go to the Play Store and download MX Player.

2. Now open the Cinema HD app and look for the content you wanted to watch.

3. Just before hitting the ‘Play’ button, tap on ‘Open With’.


4. You will see MX Player. Simply tap on MX Player. You will see a video being played on MX Player instead of an inbuilt video player.

5. Tap on the Subtitles icon at the top. See Screenshot.


6. Here, tap on ‘Online Subtitles’ and enter the search query for subtitles using the name of tv show or movie. After entering, tap on Ok. It will automatically search for available subtitles on opensubtitles. If, by any chance, you have .srt file in your storage, you can use ‘Open’ to load the subtitles.


7. Once you find the subtitles, simply tap on the subtitles to download and you are all done. You will see subtitles now. If subtitles are not in sync, you can sync it on MX Player or try another subtitle file.

That is how you can add subtitles on Cinema HD App using MX Player. It is no rocket science to add subtitles on Cinema HD apps using MX Player. By following these exact steps, you will be able to download Subtitles on the VLC Media player as well.

Cinema HD app also allows you to customize the subtitles as per your requirement. Here is how you can change the language, size and color of subtitles on Cinema HD.

How to Customise Subtitles on Cinema HD app?

If you are using a Cinema HD app on a big screen like a TV or Monitor, you might need to increase the size of subtitles text or change the color. You can even change the default language of subtitles, in case you are not a native english speaking person, or accessing the international content.

Here is how to change the size, color, language of the subtitles on Cinema HD App:

1. Open the Cinema HD app. Tap on the hamburger menu at the top left corner of the screen. Go to Settings.


3. Scroll a little bit and you will see the Subtitle option.

4. Open it and here you will see all the settings that you can tweak to make subtitles as per your convenience. You can change the default language, color and font size.

You don’t need to click on the Save button to change the settings. Simply change the settings and it will automatically get applied all over the app.

Add Subtitles on Cinema HD app: Conclusion

There you go with all the information you need about adding subtitles on the Cinema HD app. The app comes with all the features that can make your experience even better. The subtitles are indeed one of the important things while watching any show or movie. Using the above information, now you can easily add subtitles on Cinema HD app. Along with adding the subtitles, you can even customize the subtitles by changing the size, color and language of subtitles.

Do you have any other queries regarding subtitles on Cinema HD app? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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